SILLY EYE Magnifies up to 4 times. Simply Zoom in for better view on close objects. Place the lens on top of your text and zoom out until your preferred best vision. CONDITION The monocle glass is a circular optical lens of 6 cm diameter made of recycled glass and the exact degree is +4.00 presbyopia Diopter Correction of SPH: +4.00 Zooms Up to 4 times. Magnifying objects. The Silly Eye is a bran new product copyrighted + patterned and is shipped in a recycled carton box 17 X 12 cm perfect for a gift! SIZE Lens // Monocle diameter: 6,5 cm Necklace // Acrylic cord in Grey Color is the primary option per unit and has 0.50cm height. Also available in leather and other colors. INFO UV Protection Hydrphobic Scratch Resistant Anti Reflective